What is it?

Engineering carried out with the application of the Casting Simulation Software Suit PoligonSoft consists of working out of the foundry fabrication technology optimal for your production. For the foundry already in the production prove out of a technology with the help of computer simulation will allow revealing the true causes of refused materials origin, instability of the technology, and investigate the effectiveness of different measures for its modification. Often it is possible to decrease the materials and energy intensity of the production procedure.

Working out of the technology using the computer simulation made by the hands of the foundry specialists being the developers of the software has the well-known obvious advantages against the conventional way of search of the optimal technological solution based on the cut and try method. And the rich experience in the foundry processes simulation as well as the delicate knowledge of the Casting Simulation Software Suit allow us fast generating of new effective technological solutions.


The process of working out of the foundry technology with the use of the simulation coincides with the series of calculations in which these or those technological solutions are being played on the PC. The analysis of the results of the intermediate calculations allows us to find the most optimal variant of the technology in a reasonable, fast and goal directed manner. Certainly from time to time the production realias may be at variance with the conditions clearly defined in simulation, that’s why one of the simulation tasks is the checking of the “stability” of the found foundry technology to the fluctuations of some of difficult to control production parameters.

Upon completion of the engineering of the foundry technology the customer will receive the solution or a number of solutions for the foundry technology production and the enclosed reports will include the profound scientifically grounded analysis of these solutions affecting both the technical and economic aspects of the production. By the customer’s request the provided material may contain the files with the results of calculations and the software for their viewing and analysis (postprocessor). Comprehensively tested on the PC the foundry technology can further be implemented at the foundry, being highly confident in its success! Our experience confirms the high prediction accuracy in the simulation and fast payback of the investment in the engineering of the foundry technology.


The typical set of basic data required from the customer includes:

  • Geometrical model of the casting and mold as a set (it is possible to build the geometrical model by our means). The geometrical casting model should include all allowances and represent the integrity with the gate system, shrinkheads and other other elements, because the Casting Simulation Software Suit simulates the physical process of solidification of a certain volume of a metal poured into the mold with the freeform cavity, therefore the concepts about the separate casting fragments as a technological elements take a back seat. In the process of modeling this geometric model is transformed by us taking into account the current results of calculations. The geometric model of the mold in the assembly assumes the possibility of separating its various parts from the assembly in the form of separate bodies. This will allow to take into account the fact in the simulation that certain parts of the mold are made of different materials, respectively, there are the differences in their physical and chemical properties, the behavior of materials during the casting shape generation.
  • Data about the type of casting alloy for the selection of alloy properties from a wide data base (for «rare» alloys the properties are generated by the chemical composition), the pouring temperature, its duration, the parameters of casting machines for accurate simulation of the process of mold cavity filling.
  • Data about the receipe of molding sand and core sand mixtures, the materials of cooling plates and other elements fixed in the casting mold. According to these data the properties of corresponding materials are selected from the data base or their generation is performed. The information about the temperature of different parts of casting mold before the pouring and environmental temperature is required.
  • The general description of the technological process. With the help of the Casting Simulation Software Suit It is possible to simulate almost any casting type, to consider any particular peculiarities of the process of foundry production. This is facilitated by the versatility of the models embedded in the software, as well as the availability of tools that allow for special conditions in casting.